The making of Black Garlic requires special environment for the caramelization process. Temperature and humidity has to be controlled tightly for a lengthen period of up to 60 days. Each individual garlic are subsequently vacuumed packed to ensure freshness and hygiene. Such long period of time and labour add to the cost of the manufacturing process. The technology in making our black garlic is patented.

Secondly, Hasutomi uses only the freshest garlic from Namhae Island and from a reputable supplier. The garlic are grown in pristine water and air which make our black garlic great tasting with high nutritional values. We could have easily obtain our black garlic from cheaper but inferior sources, but we refrained from doing so as we insist on giving the best quality to our customers.

Consumers should not rely on the price and its packaging when buying black garlic. Most brands in the market imported their black garlic from inferior sources. Some importers spent a lot of money in their packaging, and often with inclusion of a foreign language, to impress to customers that their black garlic are made and fermented in that foreign country The origin of the garlic (where and how the raw garlic are grown), the place of processing the black garlic are of utmost importance ! We encourage consumers to look at the fine prints in the packaging carefully, to ascertain the country where they are imported.

As Black Garlic is costly and often consumed for its health benefits, it is important to buy from a reliable source and in the place whereby quality can be assured.

Each garlic, growth organically, has its own unique look and size. In general, organic grown products are smaller in size . Instead consumers should be concerned, if the appearance and size of the black garlic sold are large and attractive. Very often raw garlic in many countries, are bleached to ensure uniform in colour and appearance.

We like to emphasis that our black garlics are 100% natural and no other ingredients, additives, sweeteners, etc are added. The sweetness and moisture are resulted from its natural aging process. As our black garlics are freshly packed they are more moist and softer than our competitors. Once the black garlics are ready, they are immediately vacuum packed. Firmer and dryer black garlic are resulted from leaving them for a period of time.