Korean Black Garlic ( Peeled)

Popular customers' request !

Korean Black garlic freshly peeled for customers' conveniences.

Contains 130g ( approximately 5 bulbs)

To be stored in fridge after opening. 



$45.00 $38.00

Premium 12 bulbs Korean Black Garlic

Premium 12 bulbs Black Garlic.

Each bulb is carefully selected and vacuum sealed.

100% natural with no other ingredients added. Hasu's black garlic has a unique umami taste, a nutural sweet and savoury taste even young children would love.

Recommended intake: 3-5 cloves daily

Idea as a gift or for personal consumption.



$110.00 $88.00

Carton Pack - 50 Bulbs

Popular request by our regular customers !

A Carton Pack contains 50 bulbs for convenient daily consumption at a huge discounted price of 20%. 

Daily consumption of 3-5 cloves is recommended for a period of 12 weeks to witness and experience the full benefits of Hasu's Black Garlic.

Please call 8699 2199 to enjoy further discount for bulk purchases of 100 bulbs or more !

In celebration of Parent's day our carton pack are priced at only $270/- till 15th June !!


$375.00 $270.00

Korean Black Garlic (Original)

Import directly from Korea, Busan, Namhae Island.

Hasutomi Black Garlic (Korea) uses premium garlic grown in Namhae Island, also known as Treasure Island in Korea. The garlic are grown in pristine water and fresh clean air which give the Black garlic a moist sweet umami taste and high nutritional value.

The process of its Black Garlic is 100% natural and original with no additives, chemicals or sweeteners.

The processing of black garlic roots is Patented (no:10-1428386).

The original pack consist of 3 bulbs of whole Black Garlic (100g)





$32.00 $29.00

Amercian Ginseng Tea

Amercian Ginseng Tea (20 teabags)

^ One of Best Ginseng Tea Sellers in USA !

^ Imported directly from USA , made from 100% pure Amercian Ginseng from state of Wisconsin.

^ 100% natural with no additives, no caffeine , no sugar

^ Natural energy and stamina booster

^ Reduce stress and promote relaxation

^ Improve blood circulation and vitality

^ Ginseng is a precious and highly valued herb used by Chinese for thousands of years for its rejuvenating properties

Conveniently and hygienically packed in individual sachet. Allow 5 mins for the teabag to infuse in boiling water and ready to enjoy. Each teabag can be reused for 3-5 cups for continuous enjoyment throughout the day ( hence less than $0.30 per cup) .

Free home / office delivery for purchases above $30

Please visit www.ginsengtea.com.sg for more details !



$30.00 $26.00

Korean Baby Abalone

New product in Singapore !

Ready to eat Korean premium baby abalone !

It has 1 baby abalone, 1 quail egg, conch, devil's tongue jelly, in Korean soya sauce

A popular happy food in Korea !

Convenient to bring to office, panic, travel,etc.

Good to eat on its own, as a side dish or with rice/noodles .



$10.00 $10.00

Premium Korean Dried Wild Sea Cucumber (Spiky species)

Korean wild dried sea cucumber (Spiky premium).The best  and most nutritional sea cucumber species.

Spiky cucumbers are prized for its anti- aging and anti- cancer properties, which explains the higher price relative to other species.

100g , contains about 30 pieces. Each piece ranges from 8-10cm after soaking in vaccum/thermal flask for 24 hrs.

Easy to eat everyday: just soak in boiling water for 24 hours in the flask **. Afterwhich can be eaten straight without any washing or cooking , or if one prefers may cook with other ingredients or add in soup.

** Recommended to use fresh boiling water and a good vaccum/thermal flask ( able to maintain >70 deg celsius after 6 hours) , otherwise change boiling water every 6 to 12 hours for the seacucumber to expand fully.

PATENTED technology in drying of sea cucumbers (saltless)

Excellent health tonic. Also known as ginseng of the sea. 

Contains large amount of Saponin and Chondroitin Sulphate (anti-cancer). 

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the sea cucumber nourishes the blood , strengthening the qi in the kidney system and also strengthen one's reproductive system and helps healing (after childbirth etc).

It is a common belief among the elderly in Korea that eating a spiky seacucumber everyday will strengthen one's immunity system and prevents flu.

Please visit www.seacucumber.com.sg for more information.

In celebration of Parent's Day our premium Korean Dried Wild Sea cucumbers (100g) are priced at only $298 till 15th June or while stock last !!

$408.00 $298.00

Korean Honey Ginseng ( 6-year root)

Korean Honey Ginseng Root ( 6-year roots)

For thousands of years, ginseng has been highly regarded as a herbal treasure to the Chinese, and has since been widely recognised as a miracle herb in providing vitality and longevity.

Hasutomi's honey ginseng roots are 6-year Korean whole ginseng preserved in honey, which gives a wonderful sweet honey favour with ginseng's bitterness taste. A national's treasure.

The ginseng can be conveniently consumed by cutting into thin slices.

$220.00 $189.00