Hasutomi is the pioneer for manufacturing black garlic in Singapore. Hasutomi’s belief in the health-giving properties of black garlic underpins our founding principle to use only the freshest and the best garlic for production. In the past, we used to source fresh garlic from Spain and specialised cameralised it in our factory in Tuas (Singapore).

It is our belief that the effectiveness of black garlic is largely dependent on the origin of the raw garlic; where and how they are grown are of utmost importance.

Hasutomi’s conviction to deliver unsurpassed quality black garlic to our customers remains an unrivalled commitment. Armed with strong knowledge in black garlic and its cameralisation process, Hasutomi sourced around the world for the best black garlic. We finally found it in Korea, Namhae Island.

Today, Hasutomi sells premium black garlic grown in Namhae Island, also known as Treasure Island in Korea. The garlic is grown under the pristine conditions with clear water, fresh air and cool seawinds around Namhae Island. This gives our black garlic its unique sweet umami taste and high nutritional value which is unparalleled.

The cameralisation of our black garlic in Korea is authentic, 100% natural with no added ingredient (not even water is added in the process). The processing of the black garlic roots is patented (10-1428386)